Dialog Case Study

Joint Value Proposition Design that establishes real advantage

HP and Intel

Client Overview

Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturer based on annual revenue


Intel was firmly established as a leading brand in healthcare technology but struggled to align their messaging around a new partnership with global technology leader HP Rather than just saying Intel and HP, how could they articulate what their partnership brought to the market? And in a way that resonated with small providers and large systems alike?

Insights, Action, and Creative Strategy

Dialog built a compelling narrative that explained how both partners combined into a unique and more powerful solution than either on their own or paired with other manufacturers. The narrative conveyed how 1+1=11 and articulated all the ways each partner acted as a force multiplier on the other-due to all of the points of ecosystem integration:

  • Conducted interviews with stakeholders across the Intel and HP ecosystem
  • Identified opportunities for brand alignment
  • Built a breakthrough messaging platform that demonstrated the value of two leaders working together . by describing all the ways their joint roadmaps and expertise allowed for unique optimization of healthcare workloads
  • Created alignment and orchestration within and across the teams in each organization


Created alignment and orchestration within and across the teams in each organization

The new brand and messaging platform strongly positioned Intel as a leader in healthcare and provided indisputable proof points to support each messaging pillar.

All sales reps were trained on the messaging, and marketing was provided with a messaging architecture that translated easily into copy for all vehicles.

Sales and other key partners were enrolled in the messaging because they helped to create it

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