Comprehensive Expertise


By combining the strategic mindset of a business consultancy with creative and digital agency know-how, Dialog gives you a new lens on your future – sharp, precise with full appreciation for what comes next. Our people strive to multiply your impact, offering an expert partnership that offloads the challenging work of translating needs into solutions.


We are entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as we witness a coming together of digital, physical and human networks. We have made a quantum leap in the means of production, and Dialog believes it is time to make a similar leap in the tools and frameworks with which we lead and manage.

In a trans-corporate era of competition, success is determined by the experience of everyone in your network. This elevates the importance of the ecosystem — the battle between Apple and Android over smartphone market share and brand loyalty confirms this. Dialog can give businesses a systematic way to consider the risks and rewards of building and nurturing effective ecosystems at scale.

Dialog believes the future belongs to those who embrace the network age. For us, network design is both a big picture mission as well as a trusted tactical tool, transforming how we see the world and how we shape interactions and opportunities.


The capability for good strategic thought is important at every level of an organization. From corporate directions to sales engagement, critical strategic thinking is paramount. We believe crafting great strategies is a skill to be nurtured and applied throughout an organization.

Dialog’s approach to strategy is grounded in analysis, facts, and collaboration. It unlocks the creative insight to spot opportunities and guide execution towards accelerated growth. At any level, we focus on shaping strategies that your organization can align to, and execute with, agility and passion. We help organizations stay ahead of the constant waves of innovation and achieve corporate longevity.


Great leaders speak to narratives that are resident in their follower’s minds.
Dialog created Conversation Science™, a network and narrative analysis platform that integrates proven expertise, AI, and best-in-class technologies, to provide better market intelligence that gets to the bottom of our clients’ complex business challenges.

The Conversation Science platform leverages influencer economics and AI to analyze and prioritize targets, influencers, and conversations across the ecosystem. Once these narratives have been sensed, we can create expert and intuitively-informed, digitally derived, personas, audience analysis, and customer journeys.

Our platform goes beyond technology because complex problems require a complex skillset for a lasting resolution. We bring together a Conversation Science team of expert data scientists, subject matter experts, award-winning creative talent and proven business strategists. We know the last thing you need is another report, so instead, we show you the network path to success.


The future of your brand lies in the hands of your customers — but you can still drive the conversation with messaging that is consistent, relevant, and skillfully crafted for your target — the power of clarity. Whether it’s a new brand or product, complete refresh or updated stories for new markets, we make it matter. At Dialog, messaging is an exercise in both engineering and eloquence, creating a solid platform infused with the right touch of poetry.

For many organizations, messaging challenges are as much about alignment as they are about content. We take a rigorous, tested approach to working across the business to build a perspective that’s equal parts inside-out and outside-in, driven by subject matter and brand engineering expertise. And our integrated content and media expertise ensures we deliver messages that are compelling and market-ready.


Ultimately, we believe there is no digital — only customers looking for more engaging experiences and meaningful interactions. You still face the same foundational decisions on how to reach and communicate with the market — but digital gives us tools and insights that help us create experiences that were previously unimaginable, or at least not at scale. Dialog has the demonstrated digital expertise and full suite of cutting-edge tools organizations need to create the experiences that exceed results.

We live in a world where we can measure more, manage conversations at scale for next to nothing, and precisely match branded content to customer desires. Dialog approaches the challenge comprehensively, seeing each customer touchpoint as an opportunity to know more and do better. This is what makes tools like Conversation Science so powerful, reliably informing better strategies for growth.


As sales channels multiply, organizations must leverage each channel’s strengths and integrate them into a larger customer strategy that carefully balances resources and opportunities. Often companies fail to properly aim and equip their channels. This leaves products and services unsold, relationships unexplored, and markets underpenetrated.

We help businesses solve their channel dilemmas: from building global ecosystems, and new partner programs, to creating content and tools that enable sales and channel partners to bring your value proposition to life at every touchpoint.


In an era of transparency, meaningful purpose is more than just a source of sanity, survival, and advantage — it remains the only way to truly engage people. By aligning purpose, strategy, and execution, Dialog gives you the tools to leverage meaningful purpose as a source of innovation, passion, and creativity, shifting your organization from success to significance.

Aligning leadership, strategy, and operations equips leadership teams with the connections to respond adeptly to challenges. Leadership alignment ensures every level of the organization is working in unison toward a common goal, which rapidly accelerates performance and generates superior business results.