Dialog Case Study

Insight With Intel Digital Advertising & Media Campaign

When Insight’s Expertise Meets Intel’s Technology, It’s “Ready, Set, Accelerate”

Client Overview

Insight is a global technology company that focuses on business-to-business and information technology capabilities for enterprises including cloud and data center transformation, connected workforce, and digital innovation.


Insight wanted to shift the perception of being a solutions provider to more of a strategic partner who provides high-end services supported by Intel technology for their customers during their digital transformation journey.

Insights, Action, and Creative Strategy

  • Insight was focused on helping customers design, implement, and manage digital solutions (from devices to cloud to IoT) in order to future-proof organizations, unlock greater value, and move businesses forward.
  • A digital campaign approach beginning with the brand insight of “ready, set, accelerate” was extended cohesively throughout all campaign and supporting executions to drive demand.
  • Supporting infographics, “snippet” videos, and landing page assets were created to help drive interest and demand for sales contacts as part of the content strategy and communication flow.
  • Campaign was structured to continuously test and optimize messages, design, and media channels for maximum results.

“The Dialog Group has been a great partner to work with for us.  They’ve been on top of everything that is thrown their way and their performance speaks for itself. They are truly great people to work with!”

Richard Rieves
Paid Media Specialist


Significantly exceeded all campaign KPIs (clicks, cost per click, click thru rate, impressions, and form fills)

Successful launch across programmatic, SEM, retargeting, and social advertising tactics and creative with ongoing optimization

Delivered approximately 20% higher on video completions and overall banner ad clicks than the targeted goal

Achieved 40% higher on the click-thru rate than the performance target

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