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Evolving our Leadership as fast as Technology and the world around us

Digital Strategy and Next-Level Leadership

Client Overview

NIKE, Inc. is a team comprised of the Nike, Jordan and Converse brands driven by a shared purpose to leave an enduring impact.


Converse had hired a Chief Digital officer and was making investments in AI and e-commerce but they knew that mastering digital transformation would require more. Could Dialog help their teams to think like well-rounded, next-level business innovators with a general management mindset who could orient in a fast-moving world of uncertainty?

Many of the leaders at Converse had grown up in the business and were savvy marketers and creators but not necessarily general managers.

Insights, Action, and Creative Strategy

Dialog worked with the human resources team to create a digital transformation journey for the top 100 execs at Converse . To identify key focus areas, Dialog surveyed the team on readiness for digital transformation compared to a broad dataset of successful transformations.

Dialog developed briefs and breakout sessions on the new tools of Innovation including Voice Recognition, AR,  AI and blockchain as well as the application of technology to retail and fashion. This was combined with sessions on how network orchestrators think and act in shaping their business and through a series of workshops, the leadership team explored the possibilities for integration of new technologies into their business ecosystem. The result was greater confidence in the ability to reinvent and in the shared understanding of the organizational roadmap.

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