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Candoris Corporate Repositioning, Rebranding, and Execution

Digital Pathfinder for IT Solutions

Client Overview

Candoris offers information technology solutions with a strong, mission-driven culture which supports a substantial amount of non-profit clients. They are a Dell EMC preferred channel partner.


Candoris experienced rapid growth during a period from being a start-up company to offering an ever-expanding set of solutions and products (data storage and protection, security, virtualization, networking, cloud, application development, salesforce consulting and managed services) and needed to clearly define and differentiate themselves and their unique offerings in order to win market share while embracing their culture and values.

“Dialog’s messaging process has added so much objectivity and rigor to something that can easily be weighed down with opinions. Hiring Dialog was the single best investment that we’ve made. Dialog is a great partner and a valuable resource!”

Stephan Van Der Ploog
Founder & Chief Accountability Officer

Insights, Action, and Creative Strategy

  • Candoris was well poised to be the IT partner of choice based on having an ideal and timely set of solutions for digital transformation combined with a unique, company culture and focus.
  • Strategic partner relationships with Dell/EMC and SalesForce could be strengthened via focused activities to collectively build business.
  • Our messaging process unveiled that there was a significant positioning and branding opportunity to verbally and visually illustrate the concept of Candoris being a “digital pathfinder” who could guide customers through every path along their unique journey towards digital transformation.
  • An integrated marketing approach beginning with the brand insight of “digital pathfinder” was extended cohesively throughout all marketing communication initiatives to drive ROI.


  • Experienced double-digit growth after the positioning and branding launch.
  • New branding work was fully embraced by employees, partners and customers.
  • Strengthened the business relationship with their largest strategic partner, Dell/EMC, and were featured at Dell Technologies Global Partner Summit.
  • Named to CRN’s Solution Provider top 500 list.
  • Candoris was recently acquired by CDI.

Candoris Rebranding



Sailboat on ocean
Infographic Style Graph and Map


Photos of People

Photos with People

Working collaboratively, sharing information, or relaxed, professional environments. 

Core Values

Edgy, positive imagery that reflects the Candorian way of life and work.

Growth/Mixed Elements

Combining imagery and the Candoris rings to show integration and growth. 


Use of pattern disrupt imagery to underscore that Candoris differentiates itself from the others. 

Candoris Website

Dialog created an interactive user “pathfinder” experience where audiences could explore their unique path to digital transformation and the associated offerings that fit their needs.

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