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Apple goes to school in Higher Education

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Client Overview

Apple is a global provider of technology specializing in consumer electronics, software and cloud services.


Apple was quickly expanding market share in the commercial market to match the momentum in the consumer market that they were seeing from the introduction new and innovative products. Within Higher Education they were running into challenges with bridging between the student’s desire for their products, and the IT staff’s desire to manage those systems.

Insights, Action, and Creative Strategy

After conducting research in the market to uncover the key levers that Apple could take advantage of, Dialog carefully crafted a strategy that would bridge the gap between the student’s desired autonomy in decision making and the IT staff’s desire to maintain campus standards, reduce IT costs, and ensure the highest level of support for their constituents.

Dialog worked closely with top campuses including The University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, and Duke to craft messaging that would resonate and support a robust campus program. The strategy included the development of a Recommend and Required Buy Program (RRB), a Campus Rep Program, and the support of those programs.


Apple continued to grab market share at an accelerated rate and became one of the preferred brands on college and university campuses.

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