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Cherie Cox

chief integration officer

Cherie was most recently the CEO of Young & Rubicam (Y&R) Austin, part of the largest global marketing network in the world. In addition to serving on the North America leadership team for Y&R, Cherie and her team led some of the most successful B2B and technology clients in the world to success, including Dell, AMD, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, VMware, McLane, Sybase, Red Hat, 3M, Freescale, and many others.

Her expertise arsenal includes global branding and execution, go-to-market planning, lead generation, digital marketing, and sales enablement. She has led teams to win both marketing effectiveness and creativity awards throughout her career and has been associated with delivering on some of the best campaigns from a tangible, results-driven perspective for many of her clients over the years.

Having been nationally recognized as a top leader in creating an award-winning culture, Cherie thrives on inspiring client partners and coworkers to work as one team with a common vision on delivering successful business results. This focus is in complete alignment with Dialog’s strengths regarding network design, making her an ideal partner for the team.

Cherie also previously served as the chair of the board for the southwest division of the 4 A’s (American Association of Advertising Agencies), as well as having served on the board for Austin Community College. She holds a BA in journalism with a minor in psychology from Texas State University.