This week at MHCA: Medicaid is not a Business Model


The struggle to achieve long-term innovation isn’t about new technologies, but a new framework for identifying challenges and illuminating paths forward.  This is especially true for those working on the front lines of mental health, where an overwhelming demand for services often means providers are too busy meeting today’s needs to conceive of a different way of embracing and empowering an uncertain future.

MHCA is committed to bringing mental health experts and advocates together in the interest of finding this space for innovation.  This means not just new ways of serving patients and communities, but new ways of creating the revenue and relationships required for long-term, sustainable success. It’s another strategic and operational challenge that can be illuminated through network thinking and design.

That’s why our CEO Mark Thompson was invited to address MHCA’s Fall 2018 conference here in Austin.  His Medicaid is Not A Business Model speech explores how providers can adopt lessons learned from network science and design.  This includes adjacent innovation (the magic of peanut butter and chocolate!), the power of adaptive leadership, and what exactly AI can show us about the future of mental health innovation as a mission and a business model.

Best of luck to Mark and the rest of MHCA — this is a critical cause and we’re honored to be a part of the collaboration.