Synapse Wireless Celebrates 8 Years of SNAP Technology

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Synapse Wireless celebrates 1-year in its new Cummings Research Park home

Synapse Wireless Emerging as Leading Tech Innovator for IoT and M2M Solutions

Synapse Wireless Ribbon Cutting

Synapse Wireless of Huntsville held a ribbon cutting Thursday morning to commemorate the company’s growth in Cummings Research Park.

It’s as if the good news for our client, Synapse Wireless can’t stop, won’t stop. After being named a 2014 Solar International, Solar Awards finalist in July, Synapse is back in the news this week, celebrating the first anniversary of its new facilities in one of Huntsville’s premiere research parks. This also marks a period in which Synapse added more than 60 workers, growing by more than 50% in the process!

And this party shows no signs of slowing; seeing as how Synapse’s recent news coincides with the recently released US employment numbers.

With all of that good news one might think we planned to stop there, but that wouldn’t really constitute a “can’t stop, won’t stop” scenario, now would it? Synapse also celebrated the 8th anniversary of its SNAP Technology an Internet of Things (IoT) network operating system that has brought Synapse clients as large as the US Army and American Airlines. More than 6,000 registered web developers have contributed to SNAP’s instant-on, multi-hop, mesh network!

Giving this story its proper due really requires images, and writer Lucy Berry seems to have us covered. Take a look at her image gallery and join us in congratulating the