Move Over, House of Cards: Real Political Intrigue in Action


Breakthrough Collaboration, Brought to You by Dialog

As America prepares for another divisive presidential contest, two political dynasties are charting a different course. Sponsored by the libraries of former presidents Bush (I and II), Clinton, and LBJ, the Presidential Leadership Scholars program gives leaders the new skills and perspectives needed to solve the pressing challenges of today and tomorrow.

Inaugural Class Now Underway

Based on intense course of case-study analysis, guest speakers, and collaboration, the program builds innovative new connections across a diverse mix of a leaders and priorities – 25% from business, 25% military, 25% non-profit, and 25% from the public sector.

While many are lingering on the post-partisan spectacle of Bush/Clinton cooperation, planners are focused on empowering leaders to more effectively collaborate. As Clinton advisor Bruce Lindsey said: “… we hope this will be a network of people who can rely on each other, so they become a peer group for each other.”

The expertise of four former presidents, combined with insight gained from a half-century of confronting national and global challenges, creates breakthrough opportunities for learning. Early on in planning, however, the question remained: who was the ideal Presidential Library Scholar?

Leadership Redefined: The Dialog Difference

The program came to The Dialog Group with one very simple, important request: define the ideal PLS candidate. This profile would not only serve as a benchmark used for evaluating candidates, it would also help shape the very nature of the program itself.

Dialog’s approach was part research, part reflection. By studying leadership models from the public and private sectors, could we identify core shared attributes, even across diverse domains and geographies? Dialog identified a basic framework:

Adaptability, collaboration, system-wide thinking
Demonstrated achievement, proven influencer, poised for hyper-growth
Committed to public service, strong belief in the possibility of change

While the strategy was reductive, Dialog was looking for more than a formula: we were looking for fire.

What Drives Our Best

As Dialog evaluated accomplishment and aptitude we realized another energy, much harder to quantify, was at work: passion. Our most transformative ideas and opportunities sit lifeless without the inspiration required to move them forward. If there’s a metric at work here – what does it look like?

As Dialog discovered, it’s actually quite easy to see passion in action. Where inspiration coexists with intelligence and aptitude—things happen—new frontiers are reached and old limits exceeded. The Presidential Leadership Scholars program focuses on finding already-accomplished leaders intent on becoming agents of real transformation.

Congratulations to the First Class of Presidential Library Scholars

While not all of Dialog’s work demands us we reshape the future of tomorrow, we tackle all of our work with the same intensity. While many of us follow political discord and intrigue (both real and Netflix-born) with interest and the occasional popcorn, we’re also very proud to be part of a program working past politics towards real, sustainable results that matter.

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