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Get access to a dream team of experts who integrate seamlessly with your team and create stronger linkages between strategy and execution.

Make Our Team of Experts a Part of Your Team:

Extending Your Team Resources

Product launches, corporate rebranding, entering new markets or launching new programs can put a significant strain on an organization’s marketing team.

Dialog’s marketing Communications services can dramatically increase an organization’s ability to execute and ensure that Go-to-Market efforts align with the business strategy. Our team has extensive experience working in Fortune 500 marketing organizations, managing outside agency partners and managing project timelines and budgets. What’s more, the Dialog team integrates effortlessly into your organization.

Communication Management –

The Dialog Approach

Dialog Marcom managers serve as a seamless extension of an organization’s marketing team, providing the collaborative spirit, vision and logistical expertise necessary to drive the successful completion of marketing initiatives. At Dialog, the marketing communications team:

  • Creates input documents and creative briefs that align to stated marketing strategies
  • Manages each step in the communications process
  • Provides real-time status through weekly core team meetings and status reports
  • Ensures stakeholder alignment at each step of the Marcom process
  • Manages external agencies, including online and offline partners
  • Manages the project timeline and budget
  • Provides access to Dialog’s online Marcom project management tool, Dialog HUB
  • Routes approvals through either Dialog’s or your legal representative
  • Distributes all created assets to marketing, sales, and fulfillment systems
  • Ensures all response mechanics are correctly built into each deliverable to optimize metrics collection
  • Manages post-mortems on campaigns for process improvements

Marketing Communication Management Benefits

  • Provides organizations with scalable resources to alleviate Marcom bottlenecks
  • Allows organizations to reactivate project managers experienced on your processes as needed without paying for them when they are idle
  • Ensures integration between the strategic marketing plan and the execution of related campaigns
  • Ensures all agencies involved are sharing information freely and in real-time for marketing campaign development
  • Streamlines development of marketing communications deliverables
  • Provides a systematic approach to the development of marketing campaigns
  • Deepens an organization’s talent with highly experienced marketing communications professionals
  • Provides real-time, online access to project details, schedules and status

Marketing Program Management

Many organizations possess a vision for their marketing initiatives, but having the resources to bring it to life is another story.

Dialog turns marketing vision into actionable, effective programs with our Marketing Program Management offering. With this service, Dialog takes full ownership for both strategy and execution for programs – much like a typical marketing manager would within an organization. Well versed in both agency and client-side environments, the team at Dialog is able to spearhead marketing programs and navigate them to successful completion.

Program Management – The Dialog Approach

The Dialog approach to marketing program management is grounded in a collaborative spirit and methodical process, in which the team:

  • Assumes ownership of all goals and objectives assigned to the specific marketing program
  • Manages to the strategic marketing plan, related to achieving the stated goals
  • Assumes ownership of ensuring clear and consistent messaging around specific marketing programs
  • Oversees all execution related to the specific program
  • Ensures clear and consistent communication to all stakeholders within the company
  • Communicates to all executive sponsors on a regular basis and ensures that the management team is well informed of progress towards stated program goals
  • Plans and oversees budgets for all program related activities

 Program Management Benefits

  • Allows organizations to enter new markets, launch new products, reach new customer segments, or create new programs without growing headcount
  • Provides a single point of accountability for all aspects of a marketing program
  • Allows marketing organizations to scale programs up or down according to either customer buying cycles, internal budget cycles, or to support bursts of activity
  • Provides an advocate for the program within the company and externally
  • Helps to ensure consistency of all marketing program activity and messaging both internally and with agencies
  • Provides regular metrics to track progress against program goals