Digital Experience

Dominate your market online through meaningful digital experiences and with authentic dialog at scale.

The Digital Land Grab

The digital revolution may be over – but a digital land grab is underway. Technology has shifted the competition as well, as new tools level the playing field between businesses large and small, and everything is up for grabs. Your brand, users, and value proposition are all at risk on the new digital landscape. The time for action is now – your competition won’t wait.

We can help you dominate your market online through meaningful digital experiences and what we call authentic dialog at scale. Dialog’s team has run some of the biggest social media campaigns in history, using traditional tools to support important authentic conversations. We have the ability to bring this level of authentic dialog to scale, winning more than just search engine rankings – you’ll also win hearts, minds, and market share along the way.

Digital Experiences Circle

Experience Counts

Having an experienced Digital Experience team is critical to ensuring successful implementation of digital initiatives. The Dialog team leverages years of experience in the online marketing space and a collaborative approach to get digital communications results. Our Digital Experience Leads take full ownership for both strategy and execution – much like a typical marketing manager would within an organization. Well-versed in small and large scale interactive projects, Dialog Digital Experience Leads manage projects on time and within budget, regardless of the project size.

SEO Domination:

Dialog offers our clients the following search engine marketing capabilities:

  • Dominant Search Engine Marketing (SEO) – you won’t believe the amount of horsepower we have in SEO. Our industry-leading promotional capability will deliver quality links from everything from video to wiki to document sharing to social bookmarking sites – and a lot more.
  • Search Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC) – Google, Bing, Yahoo – what if you could drop your budget by 30% and not miss a beat on traffic or conversions. Tip of the iceberg. We have years of experience driving business with pay per click.
  • Alternative PPC Networks – Dialog has experience driving tons of traffic from search networks at a fraction of the cost of the major search engines.
  • Mobile Search – Dialog delivers mobile SEO, mobile pay per click, SMS, social mobile, mobile banner ads and more. We can drive real revenue via marketing to mobile devices. Isn’t it time you take mobile seriously?
  • Local Search – Four out of five searches have a geographic modifier. And the front page of search now includes maps, local listings, and more. Dialog knows exactly how to win. SEO. Local SEO. Local citations. Registrations at 35 other directories. And a comprehensive reviews management process. That’s how you win.

Let Dialog deliver sustainable, scalable business for you via one of the most powerful and advantaged search engine marketing capabilities anywhere.

Digital Experience Approach

The Dialog Digital Experience Program Management approach takes online marketing initiatives from the initial vision to development to program launch and to ongoing maintenance for projects of all sizes. The Digital Experience program management services include:

  • Creation of Business Requirement Documents (BRD) and creative briefs that align to stated digital marketing and experience strategies
  • Project management for each online component – including websites, microsites, social media, mobile media, advertising and search marketing, email and other online properties
  • Creation of site navigation strategy, content strategy, and site wire frames
  • Management of search and other online media buying services
  • Email campaign strategy, design, implementation, reporting and management
  • Timeline and budget management across all eMarketing deliverables
  • Real-time status updates through web-based status reporting
  • Access to Dialog’s online project management tool, Dialog HUB
  • Ensuring stakeholder alignment on each step of the eMarketing development process
  • Management of the integration of metrics tracking tools including Google Analytics, Core Metrics, and HitBox
  • Asset discovery and creation for populating a website with the most powerful content

Digital Program Management Benefits

  • Ensures the most efficient and effective management of online properties
  • Provides marketing organizations with scalable resources to alleviate bottlenecks
  • Helps companies translate their message the most effectively to all online deliverables
  • Ensures that online and offline agencies are sharing information freely and aligned with marketing strategy
  • Streamlines development of marketing communications deliverables
  • Provides a systematic approach to the development of eMarketing campaigns
  • Provides real-time, online access to project details, schedules and status
  • Deepens an organization’s talent with highly experienced eMarketing professionals