Channel Effectiveness

Supercharged sales channels can be the competitive edge you need to succeed, especially in crowded markets – but not all channel partners are created equal. Dialog will evaluate your current channel relationships with one priority in mind: maximized channel relationships for robust, sustainable growth.

Channel Effectiveness means your value proposition is brought to life at every touchpoint – in way that maximizes opportunity.

Modern day channel effectiveness is no longer about optimizing for a single channel or a specific campaign; businesses must optimize customer experience across the lifecycle and across touchpoints.

As sales channels multiply, organizations must leverage each channel’s strengths and integrate them into a larger customer strategy that carefully balances resources and opportunities. Dialog believes that most companies fail to properly equip their channels. This leaves products and services unsold, relationships left unexplored, and a company value proposition that is idle.

Dialog has helped leading businesses solve their channel dilemma, from helping to build global ecosystems and new partner programs to creating content and tools that empower retail and channel partners to convert customers and turn adversaries into advocates.

Dialog channel effectiveneness practice experience includes:

  • Partner Strategy and Channel and Ecosystem Design
  • Partner Program creation including portals, tools, training and execution
  • Sales Force Design including structure, coverage, incentives and metrics
  • Sales Force Best Practices, Recruitment and Continuous Improvement
  • Channel promotion strategy and campaign execution

Truly igniting your ecosystem is the key and that requires a deep understanding of the narratives your customer and partners communities are engaged in:

  • Do you understand the leverage points, triggers and merchandising opportunities in your customer’s journey?
  • Do you have the right channel partners in your ecosystem?
  • Are they armed with tools, training and compelling offers and content to win the day for your brand?
  • Are you making the most of digital?

In our experience, even the best companies have significant untapped opportunity to increase their channel effectiveness and accelerate sales.  Is yours one of them?


Delivering Your Channel Enablement Platform

We believe so strongly in building and delivering effective sales enablement and communications to channel and sales partners, that we built an app around it.  To learn more about our sales enablement platform, SalesIQ, please click here.