Marketing Data Analyst
Austin, TX

Editorial Intern
Austin, TX

Web Developer
Austin, TX

Digital & Social Media Strategist
Austin, TX

Strategy Consultant
Austin, TX

Sr. Account Executive
Austin, TX or Silicon Valley

Account Director
Austin, TX

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Dialog is a strategic marketing firm like no other. Our unique approach to problem solving takes a broader, deeper and multidisciplinary view of solutions that align purpose, strategy and execution at all levels of our clients’ organizations. We filter and curate these solutions, producing optimal paths to accelerate our client’s growth.

Our clients include Fortune 500 Blue Chips, Pioneers and Upstarts in technology, hospitality, healthcare and financial services to name a few.  We are privileged to work with these market leaders on cutting-edge issues that drive their innovation and make our daily environment diverse and intense.

You will also have the opportunity to work with our network of C-suite leaders from education, healthcare, business and government that will undoubtedly inspire you by their ability to apply meaningful, real world knowledge and experience to our clients’’ challenges.  We are cultural interpreters looking at these challenges through the multidisciplinary consilient lens.  Consequently, we understand our clients’ businesses in a deep, holistic, and creative way, uncovering disruptive solutions that drive business results.  This modern marketing approach demands an aggressive pace, paired with highly creative and analytical minds.

This is the power of Dialog.

Not only do we reinvent our clients’ business, but we are writing a new chapter on the book of 21st century management.  Part of that is a belief in the power of our team to impact our clients’ organizations and their people as well…through the power of our people.   As such, we offer an incredible environment for self-actualization as realized through personal integral development plans.  We believe organizations that transform the employee experience will realize greater engagement, success and productivity.  We are a community that supports each other in personal and professional growth. You could say we are a community of human performance hackers.

Are you interested in joining our tribe of consilient thinkers?

If your passion is to make marketing, general management, and human performance your life’s work;
If you are searching for an environment that opens your consciousness in a way that introduces a new perspective on how you and organizations perform;
If you are one of those truly rare people who is looking for an environment that pushes the growth curve both personally and organizationally;
If you are a person who continually strives for excellence with an open heart and mind …

Then we would like to start a dialog.


Job Summary

We are seeking a functional web developer who is comfortable writing code for a wide variety of projects. The ideal candidate will be proficient in HTML and CSS and highly skilled in JavaScript.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Experience working in a fast-paced, ambiguous services environment.
  • Work within a team environment to complete highly innovative projects
  • Assist in determining the functional requirements for various projects, sharing options and pros/cons with the team
  • Ability to estimate effort level and time for projects given certain assumptions
  • Must be able to communicate and work as part of a team
  • Determine the best methods for executing functional requirements for various projects
  • Execute all functional requirements for various projects in a timely manner
  • Assist in HTML and CSS production for various large-scale projects
  • Assist in QA testing for various projects
  • Ability to work against deadlines
  • Ability to set and meet expectations
  • Must be able to document efforts and work well as part of a high-functioning team
  • Sense of humor and outside interests required—no, really.

General Qualifications:

  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Passion for personal and professional growth
  • Drive to both teach and learn
  • Desire to help create the abundant world of the future
  • Ability to dive into ambiguity and emerge with clarity
  • Relentless focus on Driving Results with a team passion to Dream, Plan and Execute
  • Interest in exploring new technologies and applying to existing problems

Specific Qualifications:

  • Must have an expert working knowledge of JavaScript
  • Must have a good working knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Must have a fearless approach to coding; must be able to dive into and dissect existing code and create innovative custom code
  • Must be able to work with various JavaScript libraries (jQuery, Ember, Prototype, YUI, ExtJS, etc.)
  • Must be able to add and integrate JavaScript functionality into pre-existing HTML/CSS builds
  • Must be able to work with third party APIs
  • Must have a strong drive to deliver excellent work
  • Must be able to work quickly when under pressure
  • Must be able to generate good mobile responsive code

How to Apply

Please send resume, LinkedIn profile URL (if available), and cover letter to Careers@dialoggroup.com.