Editorial Intern
Austin, TX

Marketing Research Analyst
Austin, TX

Traffic Manager
Austin, TX

Web Developer
Austin, TX

Digital & Social Media Strategist
Austin, TX

Strategy Principal
Austin. TX

Strategy Consultant
Austin, TX

Sr. Account Executive
Austin, TX or Silicon Valley

Account Director
Austin, TX

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Dialog is a strategic marketing firm like no other. Our unique approach to problem solving takes a broader, deeper and multidisciplinary view of solutions that align purpose, strategy and execution at all levels of our clients’ organizations. We filter and curate these solutions, producing optimal paths to accelerate our client’s growth.

Our clients include Fortune 500 Blue Chips, Pioneers and Upstarts in technology, hospitality, healthcare and financial services to name a few.  We are privileged to work with these market leaders on cutting-edge issues that drive their innovation and make our daily environment diverse and intense.

You will also have the opportunity to work with our network of C-suite leaders from education, healthcare, business and government that will undoubtedly inspire you by their ability to apply meaningful, real world knowledge and experience to our clients’’ challenges.  We are cultural interpreters looking at these challenges through the multidisciplinary consilient lens.  Consequently, we understand our clients’ businesses in a deep, holistic, and creative way, uncovering disruptive solutions that drive business results.  This modern marketing approach demands an aggressive pace, paired with highly creative and analytical minds. 

This is the power of Dialog.

Not only do we reinvent our clients’ business, but we are writing a new chapter on the book of 21st century management.  Part of that is a belief in the power of our team to impact our clients’ organizations and their people as well…through the power of our people.   As such, we offer an incredible environment for self-actualization as realized through personal integral development plans.  We believe organizations that transform the employee experience will realize greater engagement, success and productivity.  We are a community that supports each other in personal and professional growth. You could say we are a community of human performance hackers.

Are you interested in joining our tribe of consilient thinkers?

If your passion is to make marketing, general management, and human performance your life’s work;
If you are searching for an environment that opens your consciousness in a way that introduces a new perspective on how you and organizations perform;
If you are one of those truly rare people who is looking for an environment that pushes the growth curve both personally and organizationally;
If you are a person who continually strives for excellence with an open heart and mind …

Then we would like to start a dialog.

Job Summary

Dialog is looking for an energetic team member who enjoys working in a fast-paced marketing and advertising environment. The Traffic Manager is the heart of our team—masterfully orchestrating timelines, schedules and workflow for a large volume of print, web, and multimedia projects. You’ll work closely with the creative team, account team, and department managers to meet deadlines. We’re looking for a friendly, enthusiastic individual with excellent communication and reporting skills and 5+ years of project management or traffic experience.

The Traffic Manager is responsible for routing jobs from concept to completion. This position ensures the efficient orchestration of timelines, schedules and workflow in a high-volume, fast-changing environment, requiring strong communication and reporting skills. The Traffic Manager assesses traffic needs on a daily basis to properly delegate projects to team members based on current workload as well as assist project managers and account executives to successfully plan larger initiatives. This person is responsible for collecting and analyzing job data to provide regular overviews of the team workload and advise department management on resource decisions. The Traffic Manager regularly suggests ways to improve traffic processes and internal systems.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Keep all creative projects – including print, web, and multimedia projects – moving smoothly through the agency. Promote smooth work-flow and communication between creative and production departments.
  • Manage daily standup and weekly project status meetings to proactively identify any issues or barriers to the timely release of jobs and resolve conflicts.
  • Work closely with Dialog creative leadership to evaluate and assign tasks, balance workloads and advocate for appropriate timelines on creative projects.
  • Ensure incoming job requests contain all necessary information needed to create a job, assign the creative team and set up project kickoffs.
  • Keep creative team and all project stakeholders informed of job status and due dates, including changes to priorities, conflicts, delays or any other unusual situations.
  • Maintain system and job data for regular, efficient and accurate reports for management.
  • Develop and implement standardized processes, best practices and guidelines for traffic workflows.
  • Enforce adherence to workflow processes and deadlines.
  • Expedite and prioritize rush projects accordingly.
  • Consistently monitor schedules and deliverables to ensure jobs are on track. Elevate issues to Senior Management when jobs are at risk, and plan contingencies.
  • Attend key planning meetings for all clients and help project manage new initiatives.
  • Work with administrative assistant as necessary for Accruals/Purchase Order requests.
  • Continue to improve traffic system and evaluate the project management process, keeping the parts that work well and regularly suggesting opportunities for improvement.
  • May perform other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, Business or related field.
  • Spectacular organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Experience with agency traffic software preferred.
  • Strong knowledge of Office Suite, especially Excel.

Required Behavior:

  • Great communication skills.
  • Able to thrive in a fast paced and team-based environment.
  • Analytical mind.
  • Able to quickly learn new technology and new tasks.
  • Able to manage multiple deadlines.
  • High standard of quality.