Unique challenges Unique opportunities

We bring a deep understanding of hospital operations combined with decades of strategy work across industries to plot a course that creates leverage and advantage, while helping you avoid potential pitfalls.

Business Level
Strategy for Practice
and Patient Health

Healthcare is in the midst of a massive paradigm shift. The industry is shifting away from a fee-for-service model to an accountable-care model, creating immense competition to dominate the digital landscape. Although this has created a new set of pressures in healthcare, more importantly, new sets of tools and opportunities have emerged. To remain competitive, organizations must leverage innovative opportunities within the domains of: mobility, big data, social networks, and community.

We have helped leaders in fast-moving sectors such as telecom, consumer electronics, and hospitality stay ahead of the game by utilizing digital tools to great effect. Let us help your organization meet the demands of today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. Developing dynamic growth strategies and creating cutting-edge digital experiences is what we do.

We can help you devise growth strategies that pay off today in a fee-for-service world and create capabilities for you to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Physician Network Management

The days of physicians networking and exchanging referrals in a physician’s lounge are over. Although face-to-face networking opportunities have diminished, referrals continue to be driven by personal relationships. Today’s challenge is our ability to develop, maintain, and nurture personal relationships in a digital environment.

  • How do you create the personal linkages needed to generate referrals and drive volume in today’s world?
  • How do you create the virtual connective tissue to stay competitive and increase relevancy?

We scale your network by leveraging a variety of digital tools – creating a virtual environment that is conducive to building and creating authentic relationships. Our approach utilizes a clinical-practice share-of-wallet model that drives measurement, accountability, and revenue. Ultimately we equip your organization with the network management capabilities needed for
tomorrow’s world of clinical integration.

  • Clinical Integration

    We offer a simple readiness assessment and roadmap for clinical care success.

    • Do you have a strategy for Accountable Care?
    • Have you created an integrated clinical network?
    • Do you know what it takes to be ready?

    Our strategic approach goes far beyond others’ “cookbook” approach. We bring a deep understanding of hospital operations, combined with decades of strategy work across industries, to plot a course that creates leverage and advantage while helping you avoid potential pitfalls.

  • Competitive Strategy

    In the world of accountable care, you want patients in your network but not in your hospital. At the same time, there are a host of new competitors in the form of aggressive retailers and even online providers. It is a whole new game. Competing for mindshare, not procedures, is key.

    We bring corporate or business development tools to the challenge. We can help you redefine your business in a way that makes sense for today’s environment. We help frame your business challenges in novel ways and devise a premptive approach to address questions such as:

    • Exchanges – How do you ensure you don’t end up with the worst patients?
    • Retail strategy – Where to play and how to win with focus on efficient competitors?
    • Competitive entry and consolidation – Can you build a moat?
    • Overall – Are there new sources of advantage? Which capabilities do we need to invest in? In what priority?
  • Looking for a silver bullet?
    You may have just found one.
    Digital Strategy and Patient Experience Design.

    New reimbursement models place a premium on quality and the patient experience. Yet in the world of Accountable Care you want patients in your network but not in your hospital. Digital experience has become the cornerstone of the patient experience and the constant across your network.

    Providers have predominantly given a great deal of thought to their physical space (i.e., interstitial hallway space), and have ignored the master interstitial space – digital space. Imagine having the master key to patient feedback and the ability to measure and shape patient experience near real-time. A robust digital strategy can deliver that and a whole lot more. Let us help you craft a digital journey for your patients that supports them through the entire lifecycle, allowing you to leverage the power of community and advocacy to:

    • Increase healing (specifically measure and improve outcomes in novel ways)
    • Provide an enhanced patient experience
    • Drive revenue
    • Lower costs
  • Digital Execution

    Confident of the direction your organization needs to take but just want fast, focused execution that keeps the big picture in mind? Have a new competitor and want to ensure your institution shows up first in the fight for digital mindshare?

    Let us put our experiences to work for you. We can rapidly deploy world-class mobile, search, social, and digital design and development skills to create patient portals and help you dominate a competitor online.

    Understanding your customer’s needs, motivations and goals drives our creative process – resulting in the execution of an engaging streamline experience. Essentially we become part of your team, embodying the ambitions of your programs and campaigns in everything that we do. Our dedicated digital teams work hand in hand with our strategy, planning, design and messaging experts – creating real business value for your organization.

  • Data Analytics
    (Big or Small)

    Getting patients in your network but not in your hospital and managing for cost and quality outcomes across network nodes and episodes of care are the central challenges of accountable care.

    The good news is that while the speed, variety and unstructured nature of today’s data is new, lifecycle management and predictive analytics are not. As a result, the benefits of successfully leveraging data analytics as a source of innovation are unprecedented. As Dr. Eric Topol of the Scripps Institute has said “the two biggest transformations in medicine today are the shift from analog to digital and the corresponding shift from population-based care to personalized medicine.”

    Through programs such as the Quantified Self, consumers are pioneering the “Measure Everything About Yourself” movement. Smart payers and providers will figure out how to leverage this sooner rather than later against their biggest cost drivers. Let our world-class team help you stay in front of the consumer and the competition by leveraging mobility, big data, and social networks to unlock new sources of innovation and advantage.