Navigating the Federal Marketplace

Success in the federal market requires a deep understanding of risks and challenges driving the critical government decisions being made every day. Dialog can get you there.

National Priorities,
Big Opportunities

Even as pressure on spending and budgets increases, Deltek predicts Federal Government spending on IT will be over $80B in 2017, making it the world’s largest IT customer. Much of this spending is strategic, as agencies work to leverage efficiency and innovation across all functions, looking for ways to reduce costs and deliver better digital government to citizens and communities.

Maximizing your success in the Federal market requires a deep understanding of risks and challenges driving the critical government IT decisions.

Navigating a Complex Landscape

Dialog knows that better market intelligence is just the start: You need both a plan and the resources to execute it successfully. Dialog’s experience navigating a complex federal procurement landscape, both strategically and tactically, can help you build a plan for influencing decision-makers and moving through the procurement cycle to contract and success.

  • Shifting Directives
    and Habits

    New mandates and an explosion in a demand for services are driving new federal IT priorities. Even as spending remains flat, national challenges are creating urgent need for innovation that only the right technology, correctly deployed, can deliver. Mobility and security challenges are now nearly interchangeable as more services are delivered to more devices and citizen users.

    Federal IT leaders are looking at new tools and technologies as a way to modernize, cut costs, and generate critical opportunities for innovation. Cloud computing, PC Plus devices, and big data are all hard at work in agencies across the country. Dialog understands the technology and target audience, giving your marketing efforts unprecedented public sector support and success.

  • Proven Federal Success

    The federal procurement ecosystem has never been more complicated. New buying rules, changing media habits, and relentless public scrutiny on spending put an increased importance on long-term relationships with key decision makers and influencers.

    Dialog has demonstrated expertise in working horizontally across organizations to restructure experiences to meet federal needs. Our comprehensive approach drives change across your entire organization, from manufacturing to PR, with a focus on measuring performance and delivering maximum results for every investment.