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Consilient* Leadership: How you and your organization can attain quantum leaps in performance in a world of acceleration and transparency.

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We are experiencing the Great Acceleration ™. Technology is changing fast, information is doubling every twelve months and if you don’t keep up your company could easily end up like Blockbuster, Best Buy or Blackberry.

We are entering the Consilient Age ™ in which only adaptive organizations will survive.

The Dialog Group, a leader in helping companies such as Apple, Starwood, Lenovo, and Adobe leverage change as a source of advantage and innovation, is kicking off an executive workshop series to provide C-Suite leaders with practical tools and insights to drive personal and organizational growth.

Dialog’s workshop series will ensure that you and your business thrive in a continuously changing marketplace, helping you to accelerate growth amidst disruptive waves of innovation.

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Workshop series led by:
Mark de L. Thompson,

CEO of the Dialog Group

and senior leaders of the Dialog Group

Mark has been a Vice President and General Manager at AT&T, Dell and Microsoft. Having been a senior executive at leading hardware, software and telecommunications companies, Mark has an exceptionally well-rounded view of marketing, ecosystem management and the nature of the way technology is shaping our world. Mark will share excerpts of his forthcoming book The History of the Future: The Rise of the Consilient Age.

This four part series will describe what it takes to compete in a world in which change is the only constant and learning is the only source of advantage.

Overview of The Consilient Age

Session 1

The Consilient Age What is it and how will it effect your organization? Includes case studies of companies who have and have not successfully adapted

Why Michael Porter was wrong There aren’t five forces. There is only one

Management and Leadership Learn the six key transformations that will change everything about management and leadership in the Consilient Age

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Courses in Consilient Leadership (Sessions 2-4)

These sessions will help your organization crack the code on systemic innovation through the principles of ecosystem design and management. Learn the benefits of developing a culture of corporate athletes through focusing strength from the inside out. Gain understanding of tools and tactics that empower you and those you lead to thrive under the pressure of constant change and ultimately raise signal and lower noise.

Consilient Leadership Course I – Individual Performance

Session 2

Resilience Management
Starts with the individual and ties into organizational systems. Creating trust vs fear-based management organizations through the use of a scientifically proven biofeedback system.

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Consilient Leadership Course II -Perspective Management

Session 3

Change Process
The key to meta-process management and ecosystem design, helping organizations adapt to constant waves of change to achieve corporate longevity.

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Consilient Leadership Course III – Ecosystem Management

Session 4

Tribal Leadership through Authentic Dialog ™
Understand how to use social and digital channels at scale to create advantage.

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This workshop series will provide actionable insights and empower you to immediately begin improving outcomes for your organization, and for your employees, by leading a more collaborative culture and a more engaging community, while increasing ROI.

*The linking together of principles from different disciplines especially when forming a comprehensive theory.
™ Great Acceleration, Consilient Age and Authentic Dialog are a trademark of The Dialog Marketing Group, LLC.

For additional information contact Julie Hutchinson.

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