Surpassing Awareness Goals by More Than 50%

  • NEED

    • Leading premises-based virtualization provider wanted to expand leadership into network-based virtualization
    • Feature-rich new network virtualization offering suffered from lack of parent company awareness for this type of solution
    • Proprietary technology and terminology had not yet made its way into public tech conversations involving similar cybersecurity solutions

    • Conducted digital landscape assessment to tactically map network engagement by identifying new target audiences, critical conversations and feature sets
    • Identified a previously unused key differentiator for targeted audience: “micro-segmentation,” a process that enhances the security of a network
    • Determined highest ROI opportunities through media mix  analysis
    • Created strategic advertising frameworks, including keywords and ads that were continuously optimized, to enhance lead gen campaign

    • Surpassed awareness goals by more than 50%
    • Successfully introduced “micro-segmentation” as a cybersecurity subject into technology culture, resulting in growth of public conversations involving VMware
    • Increased organic traffic to the website
    • Developed multi-faceted narrative map of the NSX network, including specific topics, keywords, and audience needs, to innovate nurturing of VMware prospects
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