Re-framing The Sales Conversation

  • NEED

    VMware public sector sales needed to bridge the gap between corporate messaging and the specialized needs of their audience.

    A new messaging framework was needed that nested within the corporate messaging framework, while addressing challenges and pain points specific to federal government, state and local government, higher education, and K-12 education audiences.


    Undertook a comprehensive review of existing materials, sales team tools, and corporate communication.

    Researched key trends in public sector segments, their impact on technology planning, and alignment with VMware solutions.

    Conducted two dozen interviews with sales and other internal teams to inform sales process, customer perceptions and viewpoints.


    Messaging frameworks for four key public sector segments that ladder up to corporate messaging while addressing the unique needs of each audience

    One page reference tool for each segment within the public sector that both sales and marketing can leverage for customer communications

    Segment-specific customer-facing presentations that reframe the sales conversation, highlighting VMware’s knowledge of the landscape as well as customer challenges

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