Global Language Optimization. Delivered.

  • NEED had launched 11 online languages beyond English over the last 10 years, but was concerned that they were not getting maximum value out of their language capabilities.   Online traffic generation and conversion were not meeting expectations and were significantly less than English, resulting in revenue for non-English languages scaling well below expectations.  They needed to develop deep insights on why guests were not using the foreign language sites and converting online at lower than expected rates, and what could be done to address it.


    The SVP of Global Digital & SPG at Starwood viewed Starwood’s global digital capabilities as a key means to differentiate Starwood and drive growth in fast-growing developing markets, such as China, Russia and Brazil.  Starwood needed a partner who could develop deep insights on online guest behavior and conversion, leveraging digital analytics and testing, guest feedback research, site experience assessment, and user acceptance testing.  Additionally, Starwood wanted an independent assessment of their search and digital marketing strategies and execution focused on non-English languages.

    Dialog was hired to assess digital performance across languages and the relative importance of key factors impacting performance, such as:

    • Site usability and functionality
    • Translation quality and coverage
    • Localization of experience and content
    • Site response time
    • Regional payment options
    • Demand generation via search and marketing (and their impact on online lead volume and quality).

    Dialog identified opportunities to drive incremental revenue on of up to $100M via improved conversion, SEO and digital marketing initiatives.   Dialog’s ability to dive deeply into multiple, diverse information sources and then synthesize findings on what was truly meaningful enabled the development of deep insights on guest online behavior, needs, and challenges.

    Dialog assisted the team in developing key initiatives to drive results:  achievable financial and digital targets/metrics by language, enabling technology, and organizational structures to support their digital globalization strategy and initiatives.

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