Dialog Drives Digital Best Practices for Schwab

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    Schwab’s Institutional Services business had made progress driving digital initiatives, but had not truly embraced digital best practices in driving growth and supporting its customer base. Schwab had significant gaps versus other best-in-class companies in other industries and lagged its primary competitor in Advisor Services and Retirement Plan Services. Improved digital capabilities were viewed as key to increasing asset and revenue growth which had flattened.


    This work was focused on developing a strategic framework and vision for Schwab’s Institutional Services business’ digital approach. It included identification of key areas of opportunity based on a gap analysis versus industry best practice, competitive analysis, and business impact. The engagement included the development of a digital strategic plan and roadmap of key initiatives.


    Significant opportunities to leverage digital capabilities were identified to drive business growth of 20% in assets managed equal to $12B in revenue. These opportunities included:

    • An enhanced social/mobile marketing strategy
    • Increased ability to personalize communications and the web experience
    • Improved search optimization, and
    • Improved digital capabilities to support direct marketing, resulting in improved recruiting of new financial advisors, better acquisition of new plan sponsors, and improved support and satisfaction of internal stakeholders and end customers
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