Presidential Leadership Scholars Program

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    The Presidential Leadership Scholars Program is a six-month training curriculum to help prepare the nation’s best and brightest community leaders to become even more powerful change agents.

    The program focuses on cultivating high-impact leadership skills for a small group of hand-selected leaders, preparing candidates for managing complex social change by drawing on the resources available via the presidential centers of George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, William J. Clinton and Lyndon B. Johnson.


    In an effort to find community leaders that weren’t necessarily in the limelight, the Program directors turned to Dialog to help with key components of the program:

    • Developing the ideal candidate profile
    • Industry benchmarking for similar programs
    • Candidate outreach and recruitment
    • Candidate application design and messaging

    Results included:

    • Successfully developing candidate profiles, recruiting strategies, and an application process to meet the needs of various stakeholders, including: all four presidential centers, Program leadership, auxiliary academic institutions, and subject mater experts
    • Designing an application with self-selecting criteria to help program staff identify the most desirable candidates
    • Completing all commitments within a tight timeframe to meet the deadline for a formal presidential announcement of the Program launch
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