Strategic Analytics Drives Growth

Analytics & Insights Growth Strategy

  • Need

    Powered, a social media company, was growing rapidly and in the process of acquiring and integrating three companies. Data, tools, and systems were fragmented, disorganized, and inconsistent across the four companies. Yet, Powered was harnessing the data to not only drive results, but to support their evolution into a social media consulting company.

  • Engagement

    Powered needed an outside expert to analyze all systems, tools, and data across clients and companies to help them develop a plan to harness the ever-growing array of new data to drive strategic analytics and deepen customer relationships.

    • Grew in-depth systems, data, and analytics capabilities across companies
    • Analyzed of how data and information was being used at an account level to drive decisions and improve results
    • Provided a detailed report on opportunities, risks, and quick wins
    • Communicated data and analytics strategy across the companies, achieved stakeholder buy-in, and provided an integration and transition plan to minimize interruptions and optimize the collection, sharing, and use of key information to drive insights in client accounts
    • Shared best practices in data harnessing and analysis to drive client engagements both in new and existing business
  • Outcome

    Leveraging our recommendations, Powered was able to cost-effectively integrate data and tools across companies based on the highest value data. Additionally, by centralizing analytics and sharing best practices in driving results and building relationships, Powered successfully evolved into a leader in social media consulting. As such, they were seen as a leader and early pioneer using the vast amounts of social media and customer data to understand customers deeply and build relationships – a dramatic shift from their original position as an eLearning provider.

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