Brand Strategy for Social Media Leader

Brand and Messaging Strategy

  • Need

    Social media leader Powered struggled with the transition from a social media platform company to a social media consulting firm. They lacked a cohesive brand strategy and an internal consensus around who they were as a company and what services they should offer. Powered was in the process of acquiring three social media companies and merging them under one unified brand, but questions remained around the best way to take full advantage of the best of each company’s existing brands and offerings.


    Powered engaged Dialog to develop a cohesive brand strategy that included brand identity and recommendations on longer-term brand evolution.
    Dialog built:

    • New messaging framework
    • Brand tag lines
    • Short and long-form brand positioning
    • Comprehensive brand strategy

    Dialog’s brand strategy and messaging development unified stakeholders across Powered and developed the brand into a single platform that was competitively differentiated, built on the shoulders of current perceptions of the company, and aimed at solidifying the future direction of the company.

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