Creating New Opportunities for a Heritage Brand

  • NEED

    The introduction of the Polaroid portable printer, the Pogo, created new opportunities to sell core products to new consumers. However, bringing new, innovative products to market meant a lack of clarity on exactly which consumers and channels to prioritize.


    Dialog’s Insights & Analytics team conducted both quantitative and qualitative ethnographic research to help formulate a more clear and actionable segmentation model than the one in use by Polaroid. The insights fed the development of:

    • Brand strategy for leveraging the Polaroid brand across a wide range of products in their growing portfolio
    • Channel strategy for bringing Polaroid products closest to consumer segments at point-of-use
    • Promotional strategy for ensuring digital domination within the spaces where Polaroid competed

    Dialog’s Radical Clarity process yielded insights into potential consumer segments that were currently untapped by Polaroid. The model uncovered not only new routes to market but opportunities to create unique add-on products to enrich profit margins while creating more engagement by customers.

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