Coaching Sales to Optimum Performance

  • NEED

    With a national network of dental laboratories, National Dentex Corporation’s (NDX) sales organization opens doors and fosters relationship with thousands of clinic customers.

    However, with no dedicated 2nd level sales leaders to properly lead the outside sales teams and with inside sales being a new function at the labs, sales best practices and training were needed to evolve both the team and processes to the next level.

    Dialog knew exactly where to start to bring the organization to optimum performance.


    The Dialog team sprung into action, identifying high-traction areas to focus on.

    The initial assessment led to developing:

    • Call coverage plan and call scripts
    • Bi-weekly training calls
    • 1:1 Sales Coaching
    • Inside sales weekly and daily phone reports
    • Outside sales weekly reporting and planning tool

    By offering focused and consistent sales training and support, the organization experienced:

    • Increased sales coverage
    • Greater efficiency
    • Greater confidence
    • More visibility into productivity
    • Consistent metrics across the org
    • Improved commission structure
    • Upgrading of their sales team

    In short, the sales organization was given a new start with best practices and training that made a profound difference for both the reps and their customers.

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