Smart Social Strategies

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    Facing a significant product rollout with a reduced communications budget, Microsoft was looking for innovative ways to achieve their partner event goals.

    Microsoft’s IT ecosystem is key, and once a year they hold a partner conference to share key updates and foster relationships.

    However, only the most important 2% of their partners (in the hundreds of thousands) are able to attend and finding a smart way to share product rollout information was our key goal.


    Capitalizing on the power of social, Dialog ran live Twitter feeds on the partner site during live keynote speeches to enhance the event experience.

    We also leveraged new branding and created an in-person meeting space at the conference where attendees could sign up to meet the partner of their choice.

    To supplement the effort we also developed a social media fan base of 4K fans each among partners on both Twitter and Facebook.


    Our efforts resulted in the third-largest global conversation on Twitter for three days (ahead of Harry Potter and Michael Jackson).

    We saw over 100K visits to the partner website within 30 days – compare that to 100k visits in prior 12 months and you start to see the power of smart social strategies.

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