Building a Social Media Strategy

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    Fort Worth-based Mesa Springs is a behavioral and mental health facility owned by Springstone Inc. serving individuals of all age groups.

    Due to the sensitive nature of behavioral and mental health – and the importance of social support in wellness and recovery – fostering an online social presence was key. The aim was to bring awareness to addition-related illnesses, increase engagement, and direct individuals to Mesa Springs’ website for resources and treatment program information.

    The hospital had big goals with a limited budget so each effort required laser focus and on-target creative campaign concepts and deliverables.


    The first order of business was to create a social media strategy – from testing to engagement tactics. Efforts in this realm included:

    • Creating, launching and testing social media accounts in various online communities, such as a corporate blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, while refining the existing Google+ account
    • Developing a community-building strategy including employee sponsorship, advertising and networking
    • Researching and devising an editorial calendar around core addiction and recovery themes
    • Developing community engagement and response protocol
    • Identifying keyword profiles relevant for social media advertising across various platforms

    Results of this campaign included:

    • An established tone of voice for the hospital in this category
    • A consistently branded online presence across key social platforms
    • Social community presence and growth
    • Insight into which platforms to focus time and resources based on performance
    • A governance model, including efficiencies and processes around community management

    In a very short timeframe, Mesa Springs went from no online community to having clear direction on where to focus resources to receive the best return on engagement.

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