Increased Advertising Conversion Rates

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    Fort Worth-based Mesa Springs is a behavioral and mental health facility serving individuals of all age groups.

    Although a leading facility in the area in programs, alternative therapies and quality of care, they were lagging behind regional competitors due to a significant awareness challenge. Specifically, the hospital was not achieving visible results for potential patients conducting online searches.

    Additionally, the hospital aspired to grow its thought leadership in addiction and recovery categories. The intended effect was to call attention to these issues and increase the number of new patients in Mesa Springs’ rehabilitation programs for substance-related addictions.


    The Dialog team developed multiple paid Google search campaigns, informed by extensive interviews and online research which resulted in:

    • A paid search campaign strategy, consisting of 7 separate approaches
    • 7 landing pages developed, tested and continuously adjusted, corresponding with various search campaigns
    • 885 keywords researched and tested
    • 95 ads written, implemented and continuously adjusted over a 5-month period

    Without historical data of online behavior, Dialog established the search performance baseline in this segment and identified the behavioral landscape for prospective patients online.

    The Dialog team employed a test-and-learn approach where the campaigns were refined to optimize results over time.


    Results of this campaign included:

    • Deep insight into exactly what and how their audience is conducting online searches for the substance abuse category – in some cases with completely unexpected words and phrases
    • Understanding which keyword phrases yielded the highest return
    • Increased advertising conversion rates with the test-and-learn approach.

    With more specific, targeted knowledge of how their audience was searching for relevant topics, Dialog Group increased awareness with over 122K impressions to connect prospective patients with relevant Mesa Springs offerings.

    Additionally, online contact requests for the hospital increased overall by 38%.

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