New Opportunities for Hypergrowth

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    Logicalis, a global IT solutions and services provider, was facing declining hardware sales driven by a market shift to cloud-enabled infrastructure. As with other companies in this space, this global Value Added Reseller was witnessing a reduced growth rate.

    In the past, broadening their services mix had not yielded the results they were looking for and senior leadership was divided over the ideal strategic approach.


    Starting with a strong foundation is key, so Dialog worked with the leadership team to craft a compelling corporate vision which the organization could align to.

    Dialog then defined the strategy to transform Logicalis from a “box mover” to a solution provider. Making the move from a product seller to an experience player meant deeply targeting customer needs in key verticals.

    Strategy components included:

    • Leadership Alignment
    • Vision and Culture Change
    • Segment-level Analysis
    • Business Offerings Prioritization

    We co-developed an assertive plan to to grow the services mix from 15% of revenue to 40%, adding an incremental $256M in annual revenue and doubling EBITDA from 5% to 10%.

    Dialog helped create eight breakthrough teams to cascade new behaviors and strategy throughout the organization.

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