Positioning Lenovo's Education Leadership

  • NEED

    Lenovo asked Dialog to develop a narrative that positioned Lenovo as a K-12 thought leader with a deep understanding of education and its challenges, not just a hardware vendor.

    To demonstrate that understanding, Lenovo needed an umbrella campaign that aligned K-12 requirements with Lenovo solutions.


    Dialog’s education subject matter expert provided insight into the trends and challenges facing district IT departments.

    We also conducted interviews with Lenovo education and sales staff to clarify the competitive landscape and understand how market needs aligned with Lenovo products.


    Dialog developed a broad campaign called “Designing your Digital District,” with consistent messaging and visuals across customer-facing and internal materials.

    The campaign included a how-to  guide, a battlecard, and a five-step checklist for districts, plus a PowerPoint presentation for use by Lenovo sales.


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