Primary Research Yields Unexpected Results

  • NEED

    Keller Labs provides custom dental implants and fixtures to their dentist clientele.

    A subsidiary of National Dentex Corporation (NDX), Keller Labs was experiencing a steady sales decline for over a year, without a clear indication of the cause or causes.

    After manipulating value levers without clear causal results, they engaged Dialog group to design, conduct and report on primary research.


    To guarantee a well-informed and well-designed research plan, Dialog began by interviewing 50 key stakeholders to understand the landscape and gather qualitative feedback.

    Analysis then informed the design of the quantitative survey – which was conducted with 250 dentists.

    Survey design included:

    • Targeted audience segments
    • Brand awareness testing
    • Competitive exploration
    • “Switch to Keller” factors
    • Customer satisfaction

    Survey results analysis led the team to an interesting conclusion: growth decline was not related to factors such as awareness, satisfaction or pricing, but rather to an increasingly crowded and competitive market.

    Where once Keller Labs enjoyed exclusive production of specific products, competitors had been eroding that exclusivity.

    As a result of this research, we could clearly see that efforts were best focused on value proposition and competitive differentiation.

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