Creating Growth Across the Ecosystem

  • NEED

    A franchise faces unique business challenges. Not only must they recruit and serve their franchisees, but recruit and market to their franchees’ customers as well.

    A national healthcare franchise engaged Dialog to develop the business and marketing strategy that would create growth across the ecosystem.


    With such an interconnected market system, Dialog began by mapping the landscape and gaining deep insights into revenue streams and marketing opportunities across each branch of the franchise.

    Key elements of the business strategy included:

    • Defining areas of focus (doctor recruitment, patient recruitment, patient value growth)
    • Industry and competitive benchmarking to identify revenue and growth opportunities
    • Identifying value proposition, gap analysis and acquisition strategy for each of the revenue streams

    Results included:

    • Implementing key CRM platforms to create a connected franchisee community and enable a marketing ecosystem
    • Developing franchise-wide marketing program best practices for patient acquisition
    • Improving current conversion rates and scaling the approach to a broader audience
    • Growing patient value by identifying incremental services and supplements in their product portfolio
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